Gypsum board multi knife

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About this item

  • [What you want] Light and strong heat treated aluminum body, strong and longer-lasting heat treated plane, multi-knife with 4 functions.
  • [QUICK-COVENIENT]For faster Gypsum board installation the tape measure can be hooked up to enable faster accurate cutting. The Rasp plane on the back helps neatly finish edges. The Jab saw makes it easy to cut holes and chamber corners.
  • [4 IN 1 KNIFE]Anyone can use the gypsum board multi-knife, SK-2 utility knife standard replacement blade, gypsum board steel plate, and jab saw all at once easily, quickly, and safely.
  • [SK-2 BLADE]109 TOOLs Gypsum board multi knife is Ideal for Thicker Cuts. Use for commercial or industrial applications like thicker paper, tape, plastic, cardboard, balsa, basswood, photos, coupons, cardstock, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, crafts, amazon, ups, or post office packages.
  • [30YEARS KNOW-HOW]We have developed and made a professional tool with practical technology by obtaining a patent that satisfies both the knowledge of field carpenter with 30 years of experience and the practicality and efficiency of the field.
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  • Convenience

    By providing various functions, it is convenient for users to use one tool instead of alternating multiple tools to work.

  • Quickness

    By making various functions and information into one tool, workers can quickly work with one tool without alternating tools.

  • Economic

    One tool functions as multiple tools, so you don't need to buy multiple tools, so you only have to pay for one tool.

How to use the tape measure hook groove

Hang the tape measure on the tape measure hook groove on the gypsum board multi-knife, pull out the tape measure as much as you want, and use the tape measure body as a guide for quick cutting.

How to use the gypsum board rasp

After cutting the gypsum board, trim the irregular protrusions on the cross section using the gypsum board rasp on the back of the gypsum board multi-knife.

How to use the jab saw

Spread the folded jab saw on the back of the gypsum board multi-knife until it is caught in the stopper, and drill the corners, light holes, outlet box holes, etc. using the jab saw.

When folding the open Jabsaw, press the hanging stopper to fold it.