Drywall multi tool gypsum board work K-100 109TOOLs

Drywall multi tool gypsum board work K-100 109TOOLs

Today, to those who use gypsum board during woodworking,
There is a product you need, so to review and introduce it
I've been writing less.

This is the Drywall Multi Tool.
Patented in Korea factory today
Let's learn more about the Drywall multi tool.


Drywall multi tool utility knife features

The most basic cutter knife function is a cutter knife in a general size.
There is no inconvenience due to the automatic locking system.
If there is a downside, there is a feeling of jamming in the planer part
People who usually work with plaster should wear gloves.
I think you'll be fine.


Drywall multi tool tape measure hook fast cutting function

This is really essential. This is a great time saver in plaster work.
I can say that this company really paid attention to the details.
I think it can be described as a really simple but detailed part because it plays a role in shortening the cutting time very significantly by hanging a tape measure on the front of the knife.


Planer for smoothing the surface of gypsum board

Even if you cut really well with a cutting knife, the surface of the plaster will inevitably remain uneven due to the nature of the material.
That's why I carry a plaster planer when cutting plaster. This plaster planer understands this very well and puts the weight of the pocket lightly down by combining the cutter knife with the plaster planer.​

It has a good grip between immediate work action and planing work, so it has a very time-saving effect.

In the case of a plaster planer, it is not a large amount of planing, but rather a job to catch the face of the foundation, so it is actually annoying to carry a planer separately.

However, if you have this plaster planer, there is an advantage that it can be done with one knife without the need for a planer.


Keyhole saw

Keyhole saw This friend is also a must-have when working with gypsum board.
It is not used very often, but it is useful if you have it. In the case of this Drywall multi tool, it has the advantage of being able to use the function of a keyhole saw very conveniently because it is included together.

It is a knife that has four functions in one knife, so it is very useful and easy to use.

This product is recommended for interior carpenters and those who do interior work because it would be good for the time and use of tools.

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