About us

History of 109 Tools

Hyunkyu Cho, CEO of 109 Tools, has worked as a carpenter and architect for over 30 years. He built 20 wooden houses, 400 interiors, and 2 buildings. Based on this knowledge of carpentry and architecture, he wanted to improve the uncomfortable points while working. So, the first product he developed was the Drywall multi tool. When working with plasterboard, he combined the inconvenience of having to use multiple tools into one tool, enabling faster, more convenient, and more detailed work. So, with only the thought of having such a tool, he opened a company called 109TOOLs in 2010 and introduced the Drywall multi tool to the world.
However, the world did not recognize this practical and efficient tool. So, CEO Cho Hyun-kyu actively promoted the product by actively selling and distributing it to actual workers free of charge. As a result, more and more people are looking for the product, so the product is sold continuously even if it is no longer in business in Korea, and it has established itself as an essential tool for plasterboard work in Korea.
And CEO Cho Hyun-kyu did not settle for this one product and developed another one. The product is a product called Miter saw protractor, and a product that provides miter angle values for irregular angles was developed. When working on interior molding, in order to find the value of the miter angle for an irregular angle, it is difficult to calculate the complex mathematical formula or to repeat the work of forcibly fitting each material while continuously cutting, leading to a lot of time and material waste, making the interior molding work difficult. . Therefore, we developed the Miter saw protractor, which allows you to measure the angle at any angle and displays the miter angle value suitable for the Miter saw next to the measured angle value, enabling fast and accurate interior molding work. This product has also established itself as an essential product in Korea for interior molding or work that requires a miter angle value suitable for a Miter saw.

109 Tools continues to challenge the development of existing tool functions by emphasizing practicality in order to develop single and simple functions of essential and professional tools into more practical and efficient tools suitable for the modern working environment.

We create practical products with the knowledge and experience of field engineers with 30 years of experience.

Our company is a company that develops the single function of essential and professional tools into practical and efficient tools that fit the work environment.