Miter Saw Protractor, Crown Molding Tool, 360 Degree Rotational Construction Protractor for Carpenters

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109Tools Miter Saw Protractor can rotate 360° to measure and find any internal or external angle. Suitable for most materials or surfaces. The Protractor can provide measurement angle value dimension on the scale and four different miter cut values next to the scale. Features 109Tools Miter Saw Protractor is equipped with standard angle value scales on both sides of the arms, and left and right edges. These scale graduations and slope measurements are based on the standard angle notation scale. Angles (Miter) are measured so that the angle value can be cut flat as well as perform compound miter cuts. In order to provide ease of use for miter cuts, four types of miter cut values are indicated in two rows that are marked on the two arms for easy cutting of the measured angle to the grid. Easily perform accurate miter cutting work without a jig.
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  • Convenience

    Provides the miter angle value, which is convenient because it does not require cumbersome miter angle calculation.

  • Quickness

    The miter angle value of the angle to be constructed comes out immediately, speeding up the work.

  • Economic

    It is more economical than the existing method because the value of the miter angle of the desired angle comes out immediately, so you can work at once.

The Miter saw protractor has the angle calculation value of the Miter saw, so you can work quickly, easily and accurately.

The Miter saw protractor can be used in a variety of work environments. It can also be used for polygon marking on steel plates or for checking pipe angles.

Why have we invented the Miter Saw Protractor ?

We noticed that the angular values displayed on the international standard protractor were different from the angular dimensions displayed on the composite miter saw tray.

Therefore, users of compound miter saws may be confused by mismatched cutoff values.

So we developed a miter angle finder that uses the normal protractor angle values and the angle values of a compound miter saw to extract the math and display the 4 miter cut values.