Drywall multi tool Replacement jab saw

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  • This is a replacement jab saw for Drywall Multi Tool from 109TOOLs.
  • It is a folding saw of Drywall Multi tool and is a jab saw specialized for plasterboard work.
  • Drywall Multi tools 18 mm blade cuts the gypsum board, trims the edges, and uses the attached jab saw to easily cut keyholes and outlet holes.
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Replacing the K-100 replacement jab saw

First, prepare a replacement jab saw and screw driver to be replaced.

Second, unscrew the locking screw on the Drywall multi tool.

After unscrewing the third screw, there are the parts shown in the picture on the left. After putting these parts back into their original grooves, insert the replacement jab saw and screw it in place.